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Fun Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

If you're looking for a small, loveable, fun loving, energetic dog to be your trusted companion, The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful choice. Originating in England, these beautiful dogs have been stealing the spotlight since the early 1800's. Below are some interesting information and facts about Yorkies for your enjoyment.


The Yorkshire Terrier is classified as a toy dog - a fine boned small dog that weighs in around three and five pounds on average, usually not exceeding seven pounds. A Yorkie's coat is typically allowed to grow long as they grow up, and has a soft, silky texture when kept up properly. Purebred Yorkies tend to have dark steel blue fur on the main body and clear gold on their face, chest and legs. Typically, as they age, the hair on their heads is tied up in a hair band or rubber band. Their ears are generally pricked, and their stubby tail is held high when the dog is active.


While these dogs are usually quite tiny, they don't seem to know it. Yorkies tend to display brave, adventurous characteristics, and will chase anything that resembles a mouse. They're also very good climbers for their size.

Toward humans, Yorkies are very affectionate, devoted, love attention, and they enjoy many hours spent snuggling and playing. However, they can be a little aggressive when confronted with unfamiliar dogs. They also tend to be territorial, and they will try to defend their possessions. This territorial nature may lead to more barking than other more docile breeds.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to make great pets for adults and older children. If you have little children, as with any small dogs, make sure to teach them to be careful.


Because Yorkshire Terriers are territorial, they have a tendency to want to mark their territory, which is why it's very important to train them to go to the bathroom on pee pads and outside while they're puppies. Males tend to be more difficult to train than females.

Yorkies are very intelligent, and they can quickly learn to obey and do all kinds of tricks, which makes obedience training and agility training good options for owners to look in to.


If you decide to grow out your Yorkies coat, it's important to maintain it. One nice thing about Yorkies is that their coats don't tend to matt like other long-hair dogs. A bath once a week and a daily brush will keep them in good condition. The hair on their head should be kept out of their eyes with a small rubber band. Many Yorkshire Terrier owners put bows in their dogs hair but it's not required, it's just part of the fun of owning one one the cutest canines in the world.

If you don't want to worry about maintiaining a long coat, many owners prefer to keep their Yorkies hair shorter like when they're a puppy. This saves a lot of time.

As far as other grooming tips, remember to keep the hair around their feet and anus well trimmed. Also, don't forget to trim their toe nails regularly.

Health Concerns

Yorkies are generally active, robust little dogs, but just like all other breeds, they do have various health disorders that can appear with age.

Miscellaneous Facts

- The average life span of a Yorkshire Terrier is twelve to fifteen years.

- Average litter size is two to three puppies.

- Sylvia, a Yorkshire Terrier, was the smallest dog in recorded history. She stood 2.5 inches tall at the shoulder, measured 3.5 inches from nose tip to tail, and weighed 4 ounces.

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