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Meet The Parents



 Here at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups, every one of our parents are personally Registered and Certified by the Canadian Kennel Club - the official organization for purebred dogs in Canada.


Below are some photos and a description of each of our mom and dad Yorkies, so you can get to know them and find out about who your puppy's parents are.



 Keva is our new male for 2017. He is just a tiny guy and comes from Missouri and we are so happy he as joined our family. He is so sweet and gentle. Keva is AKC & CKC registered purebred Yorkie and carries the chocolate gene so we are hoping for a few chocolate Yorkie babies in the future.


Sunshine is a beautiful mother with her silky long coat. She comes from excellent lines. Her parents Polly & Taylon are now both retired so we are glad we have her to keep their lines going. She always has adorable puppies with beautiful coats.

Lily is from our breeding lines as her mother is Sunshine and her father is Pookie (retired)  and she weighs 5.5lbs. We are excited that she produced very small and cute bear faced puppies.

 Sadie is one of Pebbles & Taylon's daughters which are both retired now.  She has a beautiful thick coat and is on the lighter side of the standard color. She always has beautiful puppies. She is Penny's mother. Penny is one of our new mothers.

  Lady Mia is one of our new mothers for the year 2017. Mia comes from our 4th generation here at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups. She comes from beautiful small lines. Mia has such a sweet personality and is a little spit fire!
Sweet Luna Star comes from Sara's lines which is retired now. Luna has more of the copper face and her coat is quite dark but mom was very light and dad was dark so she could throw both coat colors. We have Luna in a puppy cut and she weighs 5lbs.

Braylon is our tiny girl from Oklahoma at 3.5 lbs and such a good mother. She has produced some real sweet tiny puppies like her self. She has a beautiful silky coat which is so smooth to the touch.


  Alfie is our  little guy from Colorado. He has a very light face but his back is now silver and is the standard coloring called Blue & Tan. He only weights 4 lbs and produces lovely tiny puppies.  Alfie was are main man until this year when our little guy Keva joined him.
  Penny is a beauty! She comes from Sadie & Milo and is our 3rd generation that we have bred here at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups. She is one of our bigger mothers at 7lbs but produces beautiful small puppies when bred with tinier males.

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