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As most things go, nowadays, I found Yorkshire Puddin Pups online, through a search engine. The detailed website had me liking you already and reason 15 of “why a Yorkshire Puddin’ Pup should be your #1 choice when adopting your puppy: Raised with Love – the puppies we raise are part of our family”, conquered me immediately and definitely! As I felt your concern on finding good families for your babies, I wasn’t shy about spilling my heart out about our Zanah, the beautiful English Cocker Spaniel that Marco & I raised for 17 years and had just lost at the end of October 2012.

It was done: you had a female puppy for us and gave us the perfect attention every breeder should give a client … even calling our home to get to know us better and answer any question we should have!!

Priya came into our lives on November 16, 2012 and it took us less than a second to fall in love with her! Through the year we learned how wonderful it is to have such a cute, healthy, cuddly, playful, portable and smart little dog. We thank you so much for all that, and also for keeping in touch with us: we love that Priya has her own “grandma Camilla”.

Giselle & Marco – Calgary, AB

We just wanted to share a  photo of Pip Sqeauk with you. He is doing very well and we love him very much. He is a huge hit with everyone in the neighbourhood actually, he gets visits everyday from many people. He is spoiled to say the least. One of his favourite spots to sit is right on the heat register it is very cute. He is very healthy and eating lots of food. Thanks again guys, we are so happy with him, he is so much fun and has a wonderful personality, very easy going, at least for now :) talk to you soon.

The Sheldrake's - Calgary, AB


We just would like to say a Big thank you to Yorkshire Puddin Pups!! The day we pick up Rufus to come home with us we sat down and went over all the paper work and info on him at the end of the talk, Cam let us know she is alway there for us and if we need anything to call her. A few days later after being home with our cute pup Rufus we had to call Cam to ask some question as we are  " new" puppy parents. She took our call and talk to my husband for 20 mins! WOW!!! She really is there for all question and help.  After that call we felt great and I truly know I went with the best breeder out there. Thanks! Rufus is spolied like there is no tomorrow. He has his grandma and great grandma wrap around his paw! We love each day seeing what he will do next, one thing is for sure he keeps us busy and mostly out of trouble :)
Melissa - Calgary, AB
 I found Yorkshire Puddin’ Pups on Kijiji.  I saw Duke on the website and fell in love with him at 3 weeks of age. After I found him, I called Cam and asked her many questions and she was more than happy to answer them! Since I have been looking for a yorkie for so long I have talked to many breeders and haven’t had the best luck. After talking to Cam I knew she was the perfect breeder and I put a deposit on my puppy right away. She sent me pictures of Duke every two weeks so I could watch him grow! I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him in person since I live so far away but the pictures and phone calls helped pass the time! As Cam only took a few hours to email me back, it was very simple and easy to make plans with her to ship Duke over to Vancouver Island. He arrived at the airport at about 11:00AM and he was so happy to see us! He did not seem stressed or scared whatsoever. He warmed up to me right away and when I took him out of his crate he began licking my face and wagging his tail like crazy! Once we got home I took him for a little tour around our home and after that I emptied the kennel that Cam sent him in. I thought I was fully prepared for a new puppy, but wow, Cam thought of everything! There was a toothbrush, extra toys, blankets, nail clippers, waste bags, etc. I still use his kennel Cam sent us when I take him for car rides (which he absolutely loves)!! We went to the vet about a week after him being at home and everyone there loved him of course! They told me he was completely healthy and I left with a free puppy pack and had his shots booked for the next few months! I have had Duke for about a month and a half now and I couldn’t imagine life without this little guy. He brings so much joy to our family. Duke and I are both learning more and more about each other everyday! The weather here on the island has been so beautiful which allows me to take him to the beach almost everyday. He absolutely LOVES to swim!! On cooler days, we usually find a trail to walk. I’ve found a few quiet trails so I can take his leash off of him and he follows me everywhere I go! He has completely warmed up to other dogs, he loves to make new friends and say hi to everybody,  and they all love him! Everyday people are saying “WOW! He’s seriously the smallest dog I’ve ever seen!!” “He’s adorable, where did you get him?!” And let me tell you, he loves every minute of it! Many people are shocked when I tell them that Duke is 4.5 months old and just over the 2 pound mark. They think he should be way younger for being so small, but Cam guaranteed me a small sized adult dog as this is what i requested from her. Her prediction of his adult size, from his birth weight, is right on track! He sleeps all through the night without making a sound and he has the same sleep schedule as me so it works perfectly. It took me a little less than a year to find Duke but I am so happy I found the perfect puppy ( and Breeder )  for me. He is absolutely everything I hoped for and I fall more in love with him everyday. Thank you so much, Cam, for making purchasing my puppy such a worry-free and exciting experience! I hope you and the other pups are doing well!!

Tess & Duke
Tess - Comax BC
From the moment I contacted Cam at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups I knew this was the breeder for us. After a brief email to her she was very prompt at returning my call and spent a long time with me on the phone answering all my questions and concerns. We chose our little Roxy but were unable to meet her in person as we live about 6 hrs away. So instead we were given weekly professional looking pictures of her development and Cam kept us up to date on her growing little personality. 
When we were finally able to meet, Cam was delightful. You could really see how much she cares for her little pups. She gave us a great little care package with absolutely all the essentials. 
Roxy has been such a perfect little puupy. She is so loving and cuddly. She is full of energy and easy to train. Roxy brings us so much joy and keeps us laughing! 
Thanks Cam!
Deanna - St. Albert , Alberta




Could a dog be loved too much? We don't know what we would do without Sticker in our lives. What a lucky family to have such a healthy happy dog. Thank-you Yorkshire Pudding Pups for breeding the best of the best!!!


Jeanie & Audrey from Calgary, Alberta


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