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Here at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups, we constantly strive to provide the healthiest and cutest, most well-rounded Yorkshire puppies in all of Canada. It takes a lot of extra work, but it makes all the difference.


Here are 15 reasons why a Yorkshire Puddin' Pup should be your #1 choice when adopting your puppy:


1. CKC Registered & Officially Certified Purebred - Each Yorkshire Puddin' Pup is personally Registered and Certified by the Canadian Kennel Club - the official organization for purebred dogs in Canada. Only a handful of Yorkshire Terrier breeders are authorized by the CKC.


2. Full Pedigree Chart showing your puppies purebred line - Every Yorkshire Puddin' Pup comes with an official pedigree chart from the CKC, so you can trace your dogs exact pedigree.


3. One-Year Health Guarantee - If for any reason your vet detects a problem, you only need to provide us with a vet confirmation of any defect and you would receive pick of the next litter.


4. Veterinarian Checked and Approved - Each puppy is confirmed to be healthy by a licensed veterinarian.


5. Prepped for Perfection - When you receive your puppy, we want it to be 'picture perfect', which is why all our puppies:
- are fed MediCal- Development 'Royal Canin' - Premium puppy food, made specifically to ensure proper development during their early growing stages.
- receive a pampering body, ear hair and nail trim.
- have their dewclaws carefully removed.
- have their tail docked (as purebred standards)
- receive their 1st shots and deworming treatment.


6. Privately Bred and Raised (Not Kenneled) - Each puppy sleeps in their own roomy private crate at night (we call them condos), and are allowed to run free and play with the other puppies during the day.


7. Potty Practised - We start training our puppies on pee pads at 4 weeks, and progress to outdoor potty training over time (weather permitting).


8. Well Socialized - Each puppie interacts regularly with adults, children, and other dogs and puppies to ensure that they're well balanced, playful and friendly.


9. Non-shedding and Hypoallergenic - Because our puppies are all certified purebred, you can rest assured that your puppy will be non-shedding and hypoallergenic - one of the great advantages of owning a real purebred Yorkie.


10. Lifetime Puppy Support - If you ever have any questions or concerns, we're only a phone call or email away. And if we're unable to answer your question for some reason, we'll do whatever it takes to find the solution.


11. Flexible Shipping Options anywhere in Canada - We strive to make sure your puppy arrives to it's destination with the utmost care. Air Canada has been so helpful and great when it comes to taking personal care of our puppies while on their flight. You're also welcome to come and pick them up. We live in Southern Alberta.


12. Free Portable Puppy Kennel to all those puppies that are shipped by air- Each puppy gets to keep their travel crate, which you can use as their condo at night, or on long car rides.


13. Optional Breeding Rights - Unlike other breeders, we will consider breeding rights under the right conditions.


14. Identity Microchip - Each puppy is given a state-of-the-art identity microchip so they can easily be identified if they're ever lost or stolen.


15. Raised with Love - Here at Yorkshire Puddin' Pups, we love each and every puppy that we raise. They are part of our family.

Available Puppies
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